About Me

First, my name is Tanisha Harris and I'm a PhD candidate studying Consumer Science. I'm originally from North Carolina, (go Heels!) and three years ago, I left my full-time job, packed up my life and moved 600 miles away with my son to begin my PhD journey. It has been a fascinating time, filled with a lot of mixed emotions, challenges and some success. Pursing a PhD can be a scary, frustrating, yet rewarding experience. Through PhDology, I hope to share with you all how I've navigated this process and how I've managed and mismanaged certain aspects of this journey. My goal is for my writings to make people more knowledgable about PhD life and more understanding and supportive of doctoral students. My hope is to equip current students to become better PhDs and to even inspire others to join the academy. I look forward to sharing and connecting with all of you! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments or to just to say hello.